Other Great LDS Websites

Check out these other great LDS Websites.  They are very interesting
and informative.  Most of these sites contain many links to other LDS
websites for a continuous maze of LDS information.  Have fun and enjoy.

My List of Favorite LDS Websites

World Wide Web 1st Ward: This is a great site. Alot of information dealing with the the missions of the Church.
Temples: This is my favorite link. It contains every Temple Dedicatory Prayer including pictures of the Temples. This is a must see site.
LDS Resouce Site: This site contains dozens and dozens of links to other websites deal in alot of different subjects. Check it out!
Latter-dat Saints' Internet Resources: Great Site! Contains the top 25 LDS talks discussed on the internet. Contains other talks by President Benson.
Jeff Lindsay's LDS Links: Tons of LDS Links.
Second Coming of Christ Research Group: This is an excellent website. Contains alot of information on the signs of the times. This is a must see website.
BYU Devotional and Fireside Speeches: Contains a number of talks given at BYU. Good stuff!!
Gospel Doctrine Outline and other LDS Links: Miss your Gospel Doctrine Class this week? Don't miss a thing and check out Bro. Beards Gospel Doctrine Class Outline. Plus links to other LDS websites.
Izu Family Website: This family has over 200 links to websites of LDS Families. There are some pretty neat sites. Be sure to check this one out for hours of fun.
Allen Leigh's Mormon Site: Contains alot of his writings and some excellent Wheat Recipes.
Big Brother!: This site is not an LDS site except to say that it is done by a member and shows examples of government intrusion into our lives. (Examples of improper government!)
An LDS Library of FREE Resources: This is a really cool LDS site with lots of links. You have to check out the section that list some quotes from Thomas Jefferson about the need for the restoration of true Christianity!

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