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I want to issue you an invitation. Come and RUN the race to financial independance AND WIN with "RUN AND WIN!" Marketing Team. This website is dedicated to telling you about a number of Business Opportunities that we feel are Winners for 1997. You can stand on the sidelines of the financial freedom race and only dream or you can join the race with "Run and Win!" Marketing Team and WIN and make your dreams a reality.

Join the team by taking a serious look at the opportunities that are listed below. Check out the websites and then decide which choice is best for you. We believe in joining only good high quality businesses that are young and growing. We also believe in diversification because as you know many business come and go. Why put all your efforts into one program and have it go bust.

I would like to tell you about each link listed below in our Business Opportunity Section. Please do not make your decisions based on these simple paragraphs. Check out each program in detail at their websites. They will answer most questions. Ready to join the race. Each of these companies are off to a great start and picking up the pace daily.

MEGA MANIA: (The fastest growing company) Mega Mania is a diversification downline building organization. If you were going to open a book store would you be successful selling only one title. I think not. Would you be successful selling only one item at a Cafe'. NO! Then check this one out. For just a small ONE TIME Investment you can build a huge downline and take them with you into a number of programs of your choice. This is a must. Simple and easy and they will even build your downline for you. This is slower but a guarantee. Check out MEGA MANIA and you will indeed win the race with this one!

TRADENET MARKETING: NEVER buy laundry soap again! New Technology cleans your clothes without any type of laundry soap or solution. Help stop pollution one laundry load at a time. The Laundry Globe sells itself. Let someone use it for a day and they will not want to give it back. Exploding and HOT! Check it out now!

AMERICA FREEWAY 100: Did you ever want to be a Travel Agent and receive all the PERKS they get. Well now you can with Freeway 100. They also have Phone Cards, Nutritional Products, Music CD's - Videos - Video Games. Each product is on a binary pay plan. See website for details.

CD Express: WORLD WIDE! International! Build a world wide organization with Music CD's ect... The greatest program on the planet. Exploding World Wide!

Check back often for new additions.

Join us today!


The best mlm diversification program on the internet.
CDExpress International
World Wide! CD Music, CD Rom, now Video's. Make a great income with no limits. The world is waiting!
TRADENET Marketing!
Home of the Laundry Globe. Never by laundry detergant again. Help stop pollution one laundry load at a time. Easy and Profitable!

Other Bussiness Opportunities

VAN'$ MONEY PIE Inc.: Contains a fine selection of business opportunities.
Contains a wide selection of downline builders plus other income opportunities


This is the number of people who want to RUN AND WIN the race to financial freedom.