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Test your knowledge of the Founding Fathers.  See if you can match up 
the descriptions with the Founding Fathers. (See the second set of links
below for the link to the answers.)

1.   North Carolina Congressman.
2.   Delaware Lawyer and Statesman.
3.   Served as Secretary.
4.   Served as Congressman and Senator from New Hampshire.
5.   Was the oldest member at the Constitutional Convention
6.   Credited as having the finest legal mind at the Constitution 
7.   Founder of the University of Georgia.
8.   Signed both the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.
9.   Signed The Constitution for himself and for John Dickinson.
10. "The Father of the Constitution."
11.  Was the patriotic son of a Loyalist.
12.  Worked to get Massachusetts to ratify The Constitution.
13.  Was a co-author of the Federalist Papers.
14.  Felt The Constitution should insure that the "Business of America
     is Business."
15.  Was a Connecticut shoemaker who became a very respected politian.
16.  Presented the "New Jersey Plan" at the Constitutional Convention.
17.  Led the Virginia Delegation and was elected President of the 
18.  Was very concerned about the balance of power between the smaller 
     and larger states.
19.  Was fatally wounded in a dual after one term in Congress representing
     North Carolina.
20.  Was a self-educated man from Georgia who attended the Convention as
     a lawyer.
21.  Was a wealthy patriot who paid his own way to attend the Constitu-
     tional Convention.  
22.  Was a Pennsylvania surgeon who became one of Washington's most 
     trusted aides.
23.  Was the youngest man to sign The Constitution.
24.  Was a quiet man of moderate views, responsible for Delaware's early 

The Founding Fathers List.  Use names only one time.  (The website listed
behind the name is some information about that individual.)

Richard Bassett
Abraham Baldwin
David Brearley
Jacob Broom
George Clymer
Jonathan Dayton
William Few
Benjamin Franklin
Nicholas Gilman
Nathaniel Gorham
Alexander Hamilton
Jared Ingersoll
Rufu King
John Langdon 
James Madison
James McHenry
William Paterson
George Read
Roger Sherman
Richard Dobbs Spaight Sr.
George Washington
Hugh Williamson

Timothy Baumann
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Ogden, Utah 84403
United States


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